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Bob Stoops Doesn’t Expect Nick Saban to Retire ‘Anytime Soon’

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Oklahoma

As one of the greatest coaches in college football history, Nick Saban is always a major talking point. The Crimson Tide head coach is currently 71 years old and has accomplished everything a coach can at this level. So naturally, many wonder how much longer Saban will keep the headset on for.

Well, one coach who knows Saban well has chimed in with a strong opinion on his former colleague. Former Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops told On3Sports that he doesn’t expect Saban to leave coaching behind, “anytime soon.”


Stoops continued by saying, “I mean, you know, Coach Saban, Nick has been a family friend for a long time. He knew my father well. In fact, that’s where it all began. He knew my father as an assistant high school coach. Anyway, yeah, I don’t see him going away anytime soon. So, good for him. You know, Coach Saban does an incredible job. He loves the game. He obviously loves what he does and more power to him.”

Saban will turn 72 during the 2023 season and still has the Crimson Tide in the national conversation every season. The Tide just won the Sugar Bowl over Kansas State and have the No. 1 recruiting class in the country, according to the 247Sports rankings. He has won seven National Championships, with his most recent one coming during the 2020 season.

Saban just finished his 27th season in college football as a head coach and 29th overall between college and the NFL. And if Bob Stoops is right, Saban is well on his way to go beyond the 30-year mark.

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