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Arena Football League to Return in 2024

Arena football is one of the most electric presentations of the game of football ever. The arena football league was disbanded in 2019 after the league shrank down to six total franchises.

The announcement says that the league will have 16 teams and that it will play a 10-game season. With recent years seeing a resurgence of the XFL and USFL, the arena football league is optimistic that it can compete with the two other leagues for the top spot, outside of the NFL obviously.


The AFL rebooted its Twitter to release a statement that reads the following.

“The following statement was released today by the Arena Football League, through Commissioner Lee Hutton III, in response to their future business plans: We’re Back.”

After filing for bankruptcy in 2019, F1 Sports & Entertainment bought the league in January of 2022 and has been working on revamping and launching the historic league. The AFL’s board of directors will include Chairman Chris Chetty, President Anthony Rossi, and President of Operations Shan Singh.


President Anthony Rossi detailed the objectives for the once great league in a public release saying, “Our objective when we acquired the AFL was to bring back a storied brand that deserved to be revived and showcased again, globally. We envisioned executing on the old saying ‘Bigger and Better,’ but this time, we want to incorporate the components of a modern-day business such as streaming, sports betting, technology, VR, and immerse fan engagement mixed with good old-fashioned iron-man football.”

The AFL was once one of the most exciting branches of football in recent memory and with the addition of changing technology, advancements in sports gambling, and overall increased viewership, the league looks to have a great start on its hands.

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