Porter Moser has ‘No Interest’ in Notre Dame Job

NCAA Basketball: Arkansas at Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Sooners are struggling to keep up in the Big 12 race, falling under .500 with a 78-55 loss to Kansas on Saturday.

The Sooners, 12-13 (2-10), are up against a wall with their chances of reaching the Big Dance decreasing with every loss that piles up. It’s a tough ask to keep up with the likes of Kansas and Texas, two of the top six teams in the latest AP poll.

Despite Oklahoma’s struggles, Porter Moser’s name has been mentioned in conjunction with the Notre Dame job, which came open after Mike Brey stepped down. Being from the Chicago area, and having a Catholic background, Moser seems like an obvious candidate for the job.


However, Moser’s comments on the matter suggest he’s right at home in Norman, and the happenings in South Bend couldn’t have any less of an impact on his focus right now.

When asked directly about his interest in Notre Dame, this is what Moser had to say.

“I’ll comment on the first thing you said, is I’m a Catholic kid from Chicago, that we had a lot of success in the Chicago area with that and a lot of respect for that university,” Moser started. “With that said, I have no interest. I’ve not pursued it, nor do I have any interest. Oklahoma’s my home. The Sooners are my home. I’m in the beginning process of turning a program around in an era of the transfer portal, of NIL and the Big 12 being in an unprecedented territory, those three and then the COVID extra years. I mean, all those colliding and having to rebuild the roster. I’m so committed. I’m home. This place means a lot to me, the people here, the fan base. I’ve spent so much time with the student body, with the fan base. So, no, I don’t.

“Yeah, of course, everywhere you go you’re gonna have people talking. So, I know that. But there’s nothing that can be said to me that’s not stopping my vision and my passion of where I want to go and how I want to look at building this program and winning here. There’s nobody that wants to win more than my staff and I. And this place, I believe that people here, they’re so special. And I can’t control what reports [there are]. I can’t control what is said about rumors about jobs. But I can say unequivocally that’s a false report saying I pursued it, unequivocally. And nor do I want to.

“I’m home. I’m home. I left home. I left home to be at home. Does anybody want to win and wish the results were faster? Of course. I do. I do. But they’re gonna come. They’re gonna come.

“Like I said, we’re in unprecedented territory trying to build this with all those four things that I identified. But yeah, there’s nothing that is wavered on the vision of where I want to go with this program. I hope that’s clear.”

Sounds very much like a coach committed and happy where his feet are. Oklahoma will try and get back on track against Kansas State on Tuesday before heading to Austin to take on Texas this Saturday.

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