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Big 12 Leads All Conferences With Quad 1 Wins By Wide Margin

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Kansas

This has been the case in the past, but the Big 12 is once again the best conference in the country in college basketball. It’s quite decisively in 2022-23, however.

One measure, Quadrant 1 wins, really bears that out. Big 12 teams have more than twice as many of those types of victories as two other Power Five conferences.

Its 73 combined by the members is 14 more than the next-highest of 59 by the Big Ten. The SEC is well behind with 45. The ACC and Pac-12 are even further behind, with 32 and 28, respectively. For even further emphasis, the Big East is in between those two at 30, also a long ways from the Big 12’s collection.


The Big 12, of course, boasts several national championship contenders. Among those, Kansas leads the country with its 14 Quadrant 1 wins. Texas is second nationally with 10. Baylor’s nine are tied for third nationally. Meanwhile, Iowa State and Kansas State have eight to their credit, tied for fourth in the country.

As far as the league race is concerned, the amount of Quadrant 1 wins is indicative of where that stands. Kansas and Texas are notched in a tie for first with identical 11-4 marks. Two games behind them are both Baylor and Kansas State, and Iowa State is three games behind.

In ESPN Bracketology expert Joe Lunardi’s most recent release, eight Big 12 teams are projected to make the NCAA Tournament. Only Oklahoma and Texas Tech are left out at the current moment.

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