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Big 12 Basketball Leads Country in Highest Capacity Attendance Per Game

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Basketball Tipoff

At this point, Big 12 Basketball is a religion. The Big 12 is the best conference in the country, and the fans of each team know and respect how tough this league is night in and night out.

The Big 12 Conference is not only incredible to watch on television, it also is an incredible experience in person. With so many talented teams this season, the Big 12 Conference leads the country with the highest capacity attendance per game dominating the other NCAA leagues.


When I say dominating, I mean dominating. The Big 12 Conference boasts a 75.8% capacity per game rate this season which destroys all of the other conference percentages through the same period. You can see the breakdown percentages in the graphic below.

The next highest percentage is occupied by the Big 10 with 66/1%, then comes the Big East with 65.3%, followed by the ACC with 63.3%, the SEC with 56.5% and then the Pac-12 with a paltry 33.4% capacity.


This stat is one that makes sense this season as the Big 12 Conference is on pace to become the first nine-bid league with Kansas, Texas, Kansas State, Baylor, Iowa State, TCU, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, and Texas Tech all making a push for March.

With only three games remaining, all eyes will remain on the conference as the highly-anticipated Big 12 Tournament comes around in less than two weeks.

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