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Watch: College Basketball World Outraged Over Brandon Miller Pre-Game Introduction

The Brandon Miller saga has been one of the biggest stories in recent memory across the college basketball landscape. The Alabama forward has been in some hot water since the story broke about Miller being labeled as an accessory to murder in an active murder case providing a weapon to teammate Darius Miles.

Miller has been the subject of backlash since the information was released, however the Alabama freshman isn’t making things any easier on himself after a viral video was released during pregame of Alabama’s recent basketball game showing a teammate patting down Miller during the introduction of starting lineups.


The video below shows Miller’s official introduction.

Head coach Nate Oats spoke about the introduction and downplayed the action by saying, “It was brought to my attention after the game about our pregame introductions. I think that’s something that’s been going on all year. I don’t watch our introductions, I’m not involved with them, I’m drawing up plays during that time. Regardless it’s not appropriate, it’s been addressed, and I can assure you it definitively won’t happen again.”


Many fans, commentators, and personalities around the college basketball have chimed in on Miller’s situation and unsurprisingly, the backlash has been plentiful. Below are statements from individuals who took to Twitter to discuss the situation surrounding the Alabama freshman, and his pregame introduction actions.


Miller and the Alabama Crimson Tide’s situation is one that will continue to be discussed this season and as March Madness continues to creep closer, Miller and the program will be under even more of a spotlight than they already are at the moment.

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