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Paul Finebaum on Brandon Miller Situation: ‘You Have to Seriously Question the Leadership’ at Alabama

The Alabama Crimson Tide have been under the eye of media members everywhere since the details surrounding freshman Brandon Miller were released.

In case you have found a way to avoid the situation and are unfamiliar with what happened, Alabama freshman forward Brandon Miller has been a topic of conversation surrounding an active murder trial involving former teammate Darius Miles.


ESPN’s Paul Finebaum called out the actions taking by Crimson Tide this season on ‘McElroy and Cubelic In The Morning’. Finebaum called out athletic director Greg Byrne for how bad the situation has been mishandled saying, ““I think it keeps getting worse. This has now become the number one story in college basketball. There’s nowhere for it to go but down in terms of the public criticism. It’s just now become vogue around the country to slam Alabama. I saw a headline in the New York Post today that was just utterly painful to look at if you’re an Alabama fan. And I see it across the country. I saw The Today Show yesterday and they’re covering it.”

Finebaum is definitely not in the minority of people displeased with how the Crimson Tide have been conducting themselves amidst a major controversy. Miller himself had made the situation worse this week and opened himself up to even more criticism for a tasteless handshake in pregame introductions in which a teammate can be seen patting down Miller, searching for guns.


The Alabama Crimson Tide have continued to find ways to be out of touch with reality during the Brandon Miller saga and things seemingly will only get worse as the season continues on. Miller and the Crimson Tide are currently one of the top teams in the country and are expected to make a major run in March which should open the program up to even more eyes, and more criticism.

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