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Watch: UCF Baseball Team Celebrates Sweep of Clemson by Running Down the Hill at Death Valley

The UCF Knights completed a three-game sweep of the Clemson Tigers baseball team and chose an interesting way to celebrate the accomplishment.

After becoming the first non-conference team to sweep the Clemson Tigers in nearly 40 years, the UCF Knights celebrated the win by running down the Hill at Death Valley.


The Hill at Death Valley is something that most Clemson fans hold in high regard and unfortunately for UCF, Tiger fans have been vocal about their disdain for the action with some fans even saying, “That’s just downright disrespectful.”

While the vocal Tiger fans have been coming for the UCF Knights in all walks of social media some Tiger fans believe that had the team simply played better ball, then the action was preventable. Ultimately, UCF won three straight against Clemson outscoring the unit 27-15 in the Knights’ 4-2 win, 10-7 win, and their 13-6 win over the ACC heavyweight.


The UCF Knights currently sit with an overall record of 6-1 this season with three wins against Sienna, three wins against Clemson, and one loss to Florida Atlantic. The group takes on Bethune-Cookman on Tuesday in Florida before returning home for another three-game series against Georgia Southern starting on March 3rd.

While some have been very vocal about the celebration by UCF, the program did make some major history sweeping the Tigers, and if there ever was a moment to run down the Hill at Death Valley, this would be the time.

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