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Colorado Regents to Meet This Week as Big 12 Expansion Rumors Heat Up

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As Big 12 expansion rumors continue to heat up, a board of regents meeting at the University of Colorado is turning heads this week.

As noted below on the university website, the regents are meeting to discuss “legal advice on a specific matter” and “an athletes update on the Pac-12”.


The Big 12 has reportedly been in discussions with Colorado, as well as the rest of the four corner schools, in recent weeks and has been very outspoken about its desire to expand westward, through the words of commissioner Brett Yormark.

“I’m not targeting anyone specifically,” Yormark said back in February. “I’ve been saying it. I’ve been pretty transparent and intentional that we’d like that fourth time zone to create more value for our media partners. Would I like to be a national conference in all the different time zones and from a geography standpoint have our Big 12 flag all over the country? One-hundred percent…we’ll see where we end up.”

Last week, reports from The Athletic claimed that the Big 12 was not only in discussions with Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah, but there was “renewed optimism” from the Big 12 that they could land those four schools in the future, given the media rights situation in the Pac-12.

Could this board meeting for Colorado be unrelated to everything going on? Sure. But the timing of this meeting and the smoke surrounding the talks between the Big 12 and the corner schools is too much to ignore if you’re paying attention.

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