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Big 12 Fan Fest to go on Rain or Shine

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Regardless of what happens with the weather in Kansas City, Big 12 Fan Fest will be set up and ready to welcome Big 12 fans headed towards the T-Mobile Center for this week’s conference basketball tournament.

In an interview with KMBC News 9, the assistant vice president of client services for Rebel XP, Jordan Mills, says that a little rain won’t stop the outdoor party set up on Grand. Rebel XP is the company behind the setup of Big 12 Fan Fest.


“Last year, we were shoveling snow off of that sport court. So, a little rain doesn’t scare us,” she said. “Usually rain, shine, people want some fresh air after being inside of the basketball tournament. And so, they’ll come out and brave the elements typically.”

Mills said that some activities could be moved inside if necessary, but regardless of the forecast is excited about the week ahead.

“We haven’t run into anybody that hasn’t enjoyed what we build for the Big 12 conference in the tournament. So, everybody is pretty wonderful,” Mills said.

Mills was also complimentary of the Big 12 Tournament’s host city, regarding how well Kansas City does with hosting thousands of basketball fans.

“You’re coming for the whole experience and Kansas City does a great job and the Big 12 does a great job in this area to make sure that people come for a destination. They have a good time,” she said.

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