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Look: Fardaws Aimaq Responds to Criticism Following Portal Entry

Texas Tech forward Fardaws Aimaq

In one of the quickest turnarounds in college basketball this season, Fardaws Aimaq announced that he would be transferring elsewhere immediately following the Red Raider’s loss to West Virginia.

Aimaq announced his decision minutes after leaving the court for the Red Raiders citing injuries, coaching changes, and issues with the staff off the court as the reason for his choice.


Aimaq caught some heat from Red Raider fans as the tweet broke just minutes after the first game of the Big 12 Tournament concluded leading fans to wonder if Aimaq was really invested in his team or not. Aimaq released a tweet in the middle of the night sending subliminal messages to the fan reaction and trying to defend his decision mentioning that he “wasn’t supposed to play” yet was “playing for [his] brothers.”

Aimaq’s decision doesn’t come as a shock as the Red Raiders season had just come to an end, as well as had their head coach Mark Adams announcing his resignation following a suspension from the university for the use of racist and insensitive comments.

The senior from British Colombia averaged 11.1 PPG as well as 7.9 RPG in a senior where the forward was only “60% healthy” in his own words. While his choice to leave Lubbock and seek greener pastures left a bad taste in the mouth of some Big 12 fans, Aimaq should be scouted by most teams in America through the transfer portal.

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