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Atlanta Hawks Guard Trae Young Doubles Down on K-State

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Oklahoma

The Kansas State Wildcats have quickly become America’s team this season for the everyman fan, and with that brings forth some praise from massive members of the sports community.

Former Oklahoma guard Trae Young, now a member of the Atlanta Hawks and one of the best guards in the NBA, selected the Cats to win the 2023 NCAA Tournament. And after seeing a recent hype video for K-State, Young doubled down on his pick.


The Wildcats are fresh off what will be remembered as the best game of the NCAA Tournament, pending any more insanity on the basketball court. This game came in the shape of Tom Izzo and the Michigan State Spartans for a chance to advance to the Elite Eight. With point guard Markquis Nowell putting up an all-time great March Madness performance with 20 points and 19 assists, the Wildcats took down the Spartans 98-93, as Jerome Tang became the first coach from the Big 12 Conference to win his first three NCAA Tournament games.

“What allows him to be such a great passer, it’s his confidence,” raved Tang about his point guard in advance of his team’s Elite Eight matchup with No. 9 seed Florida Atlantic. “He has great vision, but he also has this confidence. Kind of like Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, they think they can like thread that ball through anywhere. And he really feels like he can get it there, so he has this great precision, this great confidence and vision that he was blessed with.”

The Wildcats take on the Owls on Saturday afternoon at 5 p.m. CT and with a chance to go to the final four on the line, Tang and the Wildcats are looking for another spectacular performance.

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