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K-State DB Ekow Boye-Dow Runs 4.27 40-Yard Dash at Pro Day

K-State DB Ekow Boye-Dow may have just earned himself a spot on an NFL roster after previously being looked past. The Kansas native ran a blazing fast 4.27 40-yard dash in Manhattan, and since scouts got a taste of Boye-Dow’s speed, his phone has been ringing off the hook.

Joseph Potts from Top Speed Training responded to the video of Boye-Dow’s sprint, saying, “His high school coach texted a short while ago and said multiple NFL teams have called him to ask about Ekow in the last hour or so. He mentioned one of them told him they clocked him at 4.27.


In case you haven’t seen sub 4.3 speed, take a look at the video below from KSNT’s Landon Reinhardt.

Boye-Dow has been a solid player for the Wildcats over the past four seasons opposite NFL Prospect Julius Brents, Detroit Lions defensive back AJ Parker and New York Jets defensive back DJ Reed. The Wildcats have quietly developed some top name corner backs at the NFL level, including Reed, Parker, LA Rams corner Russ Yeast and Chicago Bears DB Duke Shelley.

While speed isn’t the only thing that makes a corner impressive, Boye-Dow has shown some big play capability during his time in Manhattan and if running a 4.2 40-yard dash is what it takes to get an NFL look, Boye-Dow is a deserving player.

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