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Look: Kim Mulkey Criticized For Contacting Ref in Championship Game

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The social media verse was up in arms during the women’s national championship game Sunday afternoon between the second-seeded Iowa Hawkeyes and the third-seeded LSU Tigers. That’s largely because of an event that took place during the second half, when Tigers head coach Kim Mulkey pretty clearly appeared to brush up against an official and escape any punishment.

Not only that, but later in the game Iowa superstar Caitlin Clark was hit with a technical for simply tossing the ball behind her back. The college basketball world reacted with great disdain when combining those two sequences.


As for the result, well, it was LSU’s day. Mulkey led the Southeastern Conference program to its first-ever national championship in a 102-85 decision in Dallas. Its Mulkey’s first national championship as a head coach, and she becomes the first to ever win one with two different schools.

This setting today also isn’t the first time Mulkey or the LSU program has been criticized in recent days. Prior to the Final Four, in what could only be seen as a troll move, the Tigers’ team account sent out a tweet referencing Baylor, who was Mulkey’s former home.

“Be on the lookout for billboards in Dallas and Waco!” it said.

Even though Dallas is only 94 miles from Waco and it made sense to represent the university near the festivities, it was hard to see this as anything other than what it surely was: a dig at the Bears. LSU could have referenced any other number of cities in the Lone Star State and instead chose Waco, the home of Baylor.


The Tigers finish the second with an incredible 34-2 record. The Hawkeyes ended up 31-7 and just a win shy of their ultimate goal.

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