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Ollie Gordon Calls Oklahoma State Fans a ‘Great Fan Base’, Despite Up-and-Down 2022 Season

Oklahoma State running back Ollie Gordon has had fans excited about the prospect of him carrying the football since he arrived on campus last season.

As a freshman, Gordon turned 62 carries into 308 yards and two touchdowns, averaging 5.0 yards per carry. In his featured game of the 2022 season, Gordon recorded 17 carries for 136 yards and a score against West Virginia.

Despite his effort, Oklahoma State dropped the game, 24-19, in a torrential downpour against the Mountaineers. That game was a perfect synopsis of a frustrating 7-6 season for Mike Gundy’s squad.


With the kind of performance he had against WVU, the Oklahoma State fan base loaded up its expectations and excitement for Gordon to become the feature back in Stillwater. Now, as a sophomore, Gordon is a fan favorite and was recently asked about his thoughts on that.

“It means a lot, honestly,” Gordon said of being a fan favorite. “Especially with everything that happened in that year. A bunch of fans — I wouldn’t say turned on the players, but just down talking them. I would hate to be on that side of it. [The fans] took me in and were very supportive and I really appreciate them. They’re great. We have a great fan base. I can say that. Everybody knows if you come to games, our fan base is great.”

Oklahoma State is expected to use more of a gap scheme approach to running the football, which should help Gordon, and the Cowboys, be more effective running the football.

“I think I’m very comfortable with it. I mean, me, I’m more of a downhill back. I’m not really gonna outrun too many people, you know. You got some fast safeties like Kendal (Daniels) you know. I feel like it’s better with the gap-scheme going downhill. In the box we can make one miss. We can go head-up with the linebackers. And then by the time we get to the safeties they’re already blocked by receivers. So, I feel like it’s better for us, all of us as a unit.”

Gordon and Oklahoma State will kickoff the 2023 season against Central Arkansas on September 2 in Stillwater.

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