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Pac-12 Negotiating TV Deal With the CW: Report

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The Pac-12 is well over six months into negotiating a television media rights deal, and it now appears that a new bidder is in the running.

According to a report from The Athletic, The CW, has emerged as a new potential partner after recent discussions with the Pac-12.

Yes, the same television network that brought you “Gilmore Girls,” “Riverdale,” and “The Flash” are now the knight in shining armor for a sinking conference in dire need of a new deal.


This report comes in conjunction with The Athletic’s report that a new media deal isn’t likely to come by the second week of April as was reported after the last Pac-12 meeting. Instead, the deadline has been pushed back to “late spring, early summer,” a person with knowledge of the Pac-12 media rights discussions told The Athletic on Thursday.

The previous deadline of mid-April was overly optimistic according to Stewart Mandel, and that would align with almost everything we’ve reported on the matter.

It seems that all of this is being held together by yarn and duct tape, while George Kliavkoff scrambles to find something suitable for the Pac-12 schools presidents. However, John Canzano contends that the Pac-12 is doing just fine, and that sources remained steadfast that a deal is coming, and that it will eclipse the  Big 12’s figure of $31.6 million per team.

So, Big 12 fans, it’s time that we just sit back and enjoy the show out west, because the same narrative continues coming, but if you have two eyes and a brain, it’s pretty easy to see through the smokescreen.

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