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Sizing Up the Big 12 Baseball Season at the Midway Point in Conference Play

It’s been an interesting season to say the least for the Big 12 in baseball. Last year, five teams made the NCAA Tournament and two made it to Omaha, including Oklahoma making the Championship series. While the Big 12 could certainly hit those numbers again this season, it likely won’t be the same five, as Oklahoma is clearly in a rebuild and West Virginia has spent much of the season ranked. Here’s where all nine teams stand in mid April.

Could Easily Host A Regional


This team came into the season and struggled early, before rattling off a massive winning streak before conference play began. Once they had to face Big 12 opposition, it was clear this team was rounding into form, as they swept Texas Tech, including walk-offs on both Saturday and Sunday. Despite a series loss in Stillwater, and taking two of three at home against Kansas State, this team remains in a good spot in the conference race. And D1 Baseball currently has Texas as the No. 12 overall seed in their latest Bracketology. This week they head to Waco to take on a very mediocre Baylor team. A sweep would be massive in both the conference race and their hopes to host a regional.


Oklahoma State

Just before its series loss to TCU, Josh Holliday’s club was projected to be the No. 7 overall seed by D1 Baseball. The Pokes aren’t there anymore. While I still think Oklahoma State has a chance to host, I’d be surprised if they end up as a national seed. The meat of their schedule has passed, as they lost two of their three series to the other top four teams in the conference. This weekend’s series against West Virginia is a good chance to post some quality wins and inch up in the Big 12 standings, as they try to keep pace with Texas.

Still Could Host a Regional

Texas Tech

Inconsistency kills your chances at hosting a regional, and we may be looking at that for Texas Tech. They’ve played three series in Big 12 play, all against the other top four teams, and they won two of them. The problem? They got swept by Texas. Now, all three games were extremely tight, but 0-3 is 0-3. Brandon Beckel’s suspension may end up costing Texas Tech a shot at the Big 12 title, and a chance to host a regional. However, their schedule will lighten up, and the bullpen has started looking better as of late. This weekend’s series in Norman will tell us a lot about whether this team can still make a run at the Big 12, or a Top 16 seed. Either way, this is a dangerous team for anyone to see in their regional.



This team has been confusing all season. While many expected them to compete for a Big 12 title and they still may, this team has been inconsistent. First, they lose in Norman. But they bounce back with an easy sweep against Kansas and take an 8-0 lead in Lubbock. They blow that, lose the series, and of course bounce back by taking two of three against Oklahoma State. All I can say about this team is they have talent, they can certainly make it through a regional, but they just seem too inconsistent to host one this season. However, other than Texas, no team has a better chance to win the Big 12 than them, as they get Texas at home in a couple weeks.

Trying to Make The Tournament

West Virginia

I’m going to make Mountaineer fans mad here. I don’t buy this team as a conference contender at all. They just aren’t at the level of Texas, TCU, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. Now, they are a good baseball team and have a great chance of making a regional, but they still have to play the top four teams in the conference. And those teams are going to present a much stiffer test than the Kansas team they just lost to. If they can’t get at least one win in Stillwater, you could see the wheels come off of this team down a difficult closing stretch.


Maybe? But I Doubt It

Kansas State

Getting beat by this year’s Baylor team would demoralize anyone, as they did starting conference play. They bounced back by sweeping Oklahoma, at home, before West Virginia got the better of them. While Texas Tech, TCU, and Oklahoma State will thank them for taking a game off Texas in Austin, this Wildcat team would need to go on a tear down the stretch to make the NCAA Tournament. I don’t see it happening, but they’ll be in Arlington, and have been a dangerous team there before.

Better Luck Next Year


This Sooners team lost a lot from last season, and it shouldn’t shock people that they regressed. The program’s still in a fine spot, but at 18-16 overall, and 3-6 in Conference, this season will end with their second loss in Arlington.


For the first time in a very long time Kansas has a new manager, and it’s yielded some promising signs. They’re 17-15 overall, so they won’t make the NCAA Tournament. But they also sit at 5-4 in Big 12 play, and look like they’ll make it to Arlington.


This team is bad, like really bad. But oh wait, then they win a series against OU. Baylor’s certainly improved over the course of the year to go from woeful to competitive, and you have to tip your cap to them. TCU, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State will be pulling hard for them against Texas this weekend.

Iowa State

Iowa State’s club baseball team sits at 15-6 overall, and 8-4 in their conference. Three games back of their rivals from Iowa City.

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