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Look: Iowa State Softball, WVU Baseball Cultivate Unlikely Bond in Stillwater

Iowa State Softball

While harmony among Big 12 rivals isn’t something you see every day, the relationship between Iowa State’s softball team and West Virginia’s baseball team is challenging that narrative.

In one of the most wholesome stories of the season so far, the Iowa State Cyclones and West Virginia Mountaineers have joined forces to fill the vacancy at each other’s universities and build a new super fanbase on the diamond.


In a love story as old as time, the Iowa State Cyclones softball team and the West Virginia Mountaineers baseball team have adopted one another as their own. Both schools have run with the narrative and even made merch for one another in the other’s official colorway.

While I don’t think this will happen for any other Big 12 schools, I do think that both of the universities’ staff will begin to take notice of the growing social media trend and may kick around the idea of starting up softball and baseball programs in-house.

The Cylonian Mountaineers or Mountainous Cyclones are slowly but surely;y changing the narrative that Big 12 schools can’t be friends, and while this pairing is extremely unlikely, Ames and Morgantown are now one despite being almost 900 miles apart.

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