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Three Thoughts on the Baylor-Oklahoma Softball Series

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The top-ranked Oklahoma Sooners and 19th-ranked Baylor Bears engaged in a three-game series that had major implications as to how the league and national outlook shakes out in the coming weeks. And the Sooners got the better of the Bears, wiping them in three games by a 13-0 count. With that in mind, here are three thoughts on what transpired.


Not intimidated

“It gives us a little leg up. We’re 1-0 so I think they’re the ones that are a little intimidated at this point.” Those were the words of Baylor outfielder Ana Watson heading into this matchup between the only team that’s beaten No. 1 this year and that No. 1 team in Oklahoma. And Watson was the reigning Big 12 Player of the Week, so don’t blame her for having confidence. But these probably weren’t the best words that could have been used. The Sooners were clearly already out to seek blood, and this only further punctuated that. There were no run-rules, as people might have expected–Oklahoma does that with some frequency to teams that beat it–but Baylor didn’t score a run the entire weekend. So, intimidated, the Sooners were not.


Big 12 all but locked up

This was the surprising overall result of the weekend. Both Bryan and I picked Oklahoma to sweep. Neither of us picked Texas to win the series against Oklahoma State, let alone sweep the Cowgirls. With that, the Sooners are now up four games in the loss column (they don’t have one) on both of those teams. They own the tiebreaker after a three-game sweep over Texas, so that’s essentially a five-game lead. It’s a four-game lead with a Bedlam series still on tap, meaning Oklahoma State has to hope it can gain any ground on Oklahoma this weekend, or that series won’t play into a regular season champion result between those two.


Missed opportunity for Baylor to make a major hosting statement

Let’s be honest. Nobody thought Baylor was winning this series. However, it did beat Oklahoma once earlier in the season, and so it’s shown the capability of getting the job done. Even one win in this series likely would have put Baylor in prime position to host, given it would be 2-2 against the team that most consider by far the best team in the country. And Baylor still has Iowa State on the schedule, which should be at least a series win, along with that tough series against Texas. Baylor may now need to win that series vs. Texas and possibly sweep Iowa State.

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