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WATCH: Rylie Boone Goes Airborne, Full Extension Backwards for Catch

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It’s far from every day you see a play like Oklahoma’s Rylie Boone made Friday in an 8-0 victory over Kansas. The elite left-handed outfielder, playing left on this day, raced back towards the track on a fly ball and went full extension in the air to snare an amazing grab on the warning track in the top of the fifth inning.

SportsCenter Top 10? Absolutely. And perhaps No. 1, when it all comes out late Friday night. Take a look.

Even Patty Gasso, who’s seen her fair share of outstanding defensive plays in her day as Sooner head coach, was in awe.

“It’s up there,” Gasso said. “I never–I can’t remember ever putting a left-handed outfielder in left field because it’s a very difficult position to play on that set, you know, being left handed. So, it’s hard. She has some really tough angles to go after and so forth. But I’d say it’s one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.”

Pitcher Jordy Bahl, too, gave her perspective of the ridiculous catch.

“Well, my first thought was, ‘Don’t be out. Don’t be out,'” Bahl said. “And I see Rylie get closer to the wall, and I’m like, ‘Oh, shoot, oh shoot.’ And then she just is so athletic and dives backwards. And it just shocks me every time. She does that stuff all the time, and each time it just blows my mind.”

On this occasion, it helped preserve a shutout. And it helped preserve what’s now 49.2 innings straight of scoreless ball for Oklahoma pitching against conference foes.

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