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Will Levis Leaving Kansas City After First-Round Freefall

Kentucky quarterback Will Levis was projected by many draft experts to be one of the first five players taken off the board in the first round of Thursday’s NFL Draft.

Unfortunately, Levis waited much longer to hear his name called, and in fact, he is still waiting. According to ESPN, there was less than a 0.1% chance that Levis would go unselected through the first round, but that is exactly what happened.

Anyone who watched Levis’ games at Kentucky knew that he could be special, but his ascension to a top-five pick was likely always a fallacy created by those who follow the NFL game closer than the collegiate one.


What was likely one of the worst nights of his young life is now behind him though, and it appears that he intends to separate himself from that moment as quickly as possible.

According to Nick Roush of Kentucky Sports Radio, Will Levis and his family will not stick around for the second day of the NFL Draft, electing to leave the green room for Round 2.

Who can blame him? Nobody got more face time on ESPN than Levis, as the cameras rolled to he and his family’s reaction to nearly every pick that passed him by. I’d much rather wait for my phone to ring at home where I can be comfortable and not have a camera on me every 30 seconds.

There is good news for Levis though, as rumors are swirling that Pittsburgh is taking phone calls to trade away the 32nd pick, and Levis’ name is at the center of it all.

Levis likely won’t have to wait long on Friday to know where he is headed next, and when he does get picked, he’ll have all the motivation in the world to prove 31 other teams wrong for letting him pass by.

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