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Texas QB Maalik Murphy Turned Down Several Programs Ahead of Transfer Portal Deadline

If you performed a survey using only college football fans and asked what team has the best overall quarterback room in America, in all likelihood, Texas would be one of the top answers.

The Longhorns have a trio of top-shelf talents at the position with five-stars Quinn Ewers and Arch Manning, and high four-star Maalik Murphy.

Ewers is set to be the starter in 2023, but if he doesn’t live up to expectations Murphy or Manning could be thrust into action, and might not ever relinquish the job.


As things stand though, Murphy and Manning will start the 2023 season on the bench and that presents an opportunity for other schools in the transfer portal era.

In fact, it sounds like Maalik Murphy had to deal with that exact issue ahead of the spring transfer portal deadline this week.

According to a report from 247Sports, schools from the SEC, Pac-12, and Big Ten reached out to Murphy to gauge his interest in leaving Austin.

Even before the 6-5, 235 pound signal-caller had a standout spring game last month, the phone was ringing.


“Even before the spring game there were people trying to reach out,” a source close to Murphy said. “All the write-ups you end up seeing, everything is about Arch. You start seeing all that and you kind of forget about Maalik, and where are his opportunities? So, there were a lot of people trying to see if there was a chance to love him up a little bit.”

However, sticking it out at Texas was important, and learning from a mind like Steve Sarkisian outweighed the thought of leaving.

“He likes to compete,” the source said. “That’s a big deal for him. He loves the school and the program, and I think he wants to give himself a legit shot to be healthy and show what he can do.”

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