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Neal Brown is Looking for Inspiration from TCU Football and K-State Basketball

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at West Virginia

The 2023-2024 season is sink-or-swim for West Virginia head coach Neal Brown who has found himself in the hot seat after multiple underwhelming seasons in a row.

While many fans have already jumped on the bandwagon and “embraced the climb,” Neal Brown mentioned two fellow Big 12 Conference members who made drastic turnarounds of their own last season.


The Mountaineers’ head coach sat down with members of the media for a nearly 30-minute-long interview to discuss the improvements needed to have a successful fall. Brown confessed that he’s been looking towards the TCU Horned Frogs football team who jumped into the national spotlight last season as national champion runner-ups and the Kansas State Wildcats basketball team who dominated the sports media world in their March Madness run to the Elite Eight.

Brown addressed previous issues by using the scale of the three e’s as areas to focus on for the upcoming season. “You know, so we talk about fixing it, which is what we’ve got to do, and it a term that Hugs has used, but it’s efficiency, explosives, eliminate errors. So that’s what I had.”

He then mentioned that while making a drastic change in one season isn’t an easy task, there are a few recent examples that he’s been focused on including the Horned Frogs and the Wildcats.


“I think the lesson to be learned from TCU is how much better the guys on their current roster got between the end of fall ’21 until playing in the national championship game. That’s the story,” Brown said. “But even looking at Kansas State men’s basketball. There’s carryover. You study any of those groups that make a quick turnaround. I think Kansas State, they’re fresh on my mind in men’s basketball. What a great year those guys had and they turned that roster over really quickly.”

Brown has a tough task ahead if he intends to make the climb to the top of the conference as both TCU and K-State brought in key players in the offseason, conditioned and spent time to develop players, and executed their end goals which are some things that WVU has struggled with in the past few seasons.

While the concept of studying other budding programs may not mean much on the field, Brown has the right energy on paper ahead of the 2023-2024 season.

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