Three Thoughts on Oklahoma’s 4-2 Comeback Win Over Oklahoma State

Game 2 of the Bedlam softball series saw a continuation of, “If you don’t put them away, sooner or later they’re going to get you.”

Similar to Oklahoma’s 8-3 win on Friday night, the Oklahoma State Cowgirls had multiple opportunities to win the game. While in Friday’s game, the Cowgirls lost that opportunity pretty early on, Saturday’s matchup showcased the nation’s best struggling until the last possible moment.

After a massive comeback by the Sooners (48-1, 17-0 in Big 12) in the bottom of the seventh inning, Oklahoma State (41-12, 10-7) dropped a heartbreaking loss to the champs, 4-2.

While playing the top team in the country usually isn’t the best recipe for getting back into the win column, the Cowgirls played an absolute beauty for six of the game’s seven innings. After watching one of the most intense games of the college softball season, here are three thoughts on the game.



Scared bats was the narrative for the Sooners’ lackluster day in Stillwater. For most of the game, the Sooners looked like the ones who had lost eight of their last 10 games. The top team in the nation put up some horrendous stats in the batter’s box and had an 0-for-12 from the second inning to the fifth inning.

Kyra Aycock had a great day on the mound for the Cowgirls, but after throwing some hittable pitches late in the game, she was pulled for the Big 12’s strikeout leader, Kelly Maxwell. Maxwell really struggled in relief for Aycock, and Aycock replaced her later in the same inning.

The Sooners couldn’t buy a hit early in the game. But they’re the best for a reason, and while a second loss wouldn’t have meant much for the Big 12 Champions, they flew awfully close to the sun in Stillwater.


In yesterday’s Three Thoughts, I mentioned that in order to beat Oklahoma one has to play flawlessly for seven innings. OSU did until the bottom of the seventh.

The Cowgirls did everything right with Rachel Becker and Taylor Tuck each collecting three hits in their first three at-bats, delivering backbreaking hits to the Sooners. Tuck drove in both runs for OSU, but none of that matters when you give up five hits in the bottom of the seventh inning.

I didn’t expect this drastic of a turnaround from Friday’s game, but Oklahoma State proved it is still one of the top teams in the Big 12 Conference and among the nation’s best. If it wasn’t for this loss I would expect some Player of the Week honors to find its way to Stillwater.



The number of storylines in this game was insane. An underdog led the best team in the nation until the bottom of the seventh. A freshman pitcher nearly threw a shutout. The fans in Stillwater created one of the best atmospheres of any game this season. If this winds up being one of the last Bedlam series between the two programs, it did not disappoint.

This loss will sit with OSU fans for a while, but once the pain passes it will be remembered as one of the great moments of Bedlam.

For what it’s worth, my player of the game was Aycock, who I think will blossom into one of the top pitchers in college softball. Even with the loss, she provided a statement on Saturday.

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