Top Five Most Popular College Sports in Florida

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College sports have always been a major part of life in Florida. Football was the most popular college sport for decades and attracted a large following. However, today, colleges and universities are investing and engaging in a variety of sports to cater to the needs and desires of all students, and as a result, sports betting in Florida has become a popular pastime among students and residents looking to add excitement and fun to their favorite college games and sports.Many college sports fans like to show their support for their teams by wagering on the point spread or the outcome of a specific game. Indeed, sports betting has become an entertaining way for fans to be directly involved with the games they love and as they try to see how their predictions will play out. 

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Let’s take a look at some of the most popular college sports in Florida and see why they are a favorite among college teams.


Basketball has a long-standing tradition in Florida, and it’s no surprise many colleges and universities have it as part of their college sports. Basketball is not just an exciting game to play and enjoy, but it also plays a crucial role in Florida’s culture. Moreover, basketball offers something enjoyable and exciting to students, alumni, and local communities.

The sport has become popular in the state and among college students due to its fast-paced gameplay and easy-to-learn principles. Additionally, basketball is ideal for competitive college athletes striving for success or desire to join the NBA and competitive teams like the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic. Furthermore, it’s perfect for recreational players who are looking for a fun way of staying active.


Baseball has been a widely celebrated college sport in Florida for many years because of its standing and status as a classic sport. It is a favorite among Floridians because of the excitement associated with the game and its fascinating American heritage. Moreover, besides college, baseball is a sport that is quite popular at the amateur level in almost all school stages.

Over the years, baseball has continued to capture college sports audiences across this sun-filled state. It also boasts lively stadiums with great atmospheres and enthralling pitcher-batter contests between strong rival teams. This great spirit ensures that the popularity of baseball in Florida will remain alive and thriving for many years to come.


Hockey is quickly gaining traction in the Florida college sports scene. The state also has two popular National Hockey League teams: the Tampa Bay Lightning and The Florida Panthers. The sport’s unpredictable and fast-paced nature has attracted many college students who like the thrill of experiencing an adrenaline rush while watching the game. At the same time, spectators celebrate the level of skill displayed by college teams on the ice.

For years, hockey has always brought together fans who are passionate about watching their teams win. Hockey is definitely making a great impression among sports fanatics in Florida because of its energetic atmosphere and unique rules. Furthermore, many universities and colleges across Florida are investing in ice rinks for their local clubs in an attempt to make this game become one of the major sports in the state.


Surfing is among the most popular water sports college students can enjoy. Furthermore, Florida offers an ideal backdrop for professional surfers across the US because of its blue waters and sunny shores. With many sandy beaches, players get plenty of waves to ride and opportunities to practice exciting and new surfing tricks and even compete in surfing competitions.

Some colleges with strong surfing teams include the University of North Florida, the University of Central Florida, the Florida Institute of Technology, Flagler College, and Daytona State College. Surfing is quickly gaining immense popularity in Florida, for both college and professional surfers, as it is a perfect way to exercise and enjoy your time outdoors..

The Bottom Line

Florida State has a varied and rich culture of college sports, with many popular sporting activities. From basketball and surfing to football, hockey, and baseball, the state has something to offer to every college student, irrespective of individual preferences. We anticipate that the above sports will one day become as mainstream as football.

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