Three Thoughts on Oklahoma’s Big 12 Softball Championship Win Over Texas

Oklahoma Softball Wins Big 12 Championship

The Oklahoma Sooners won the 2023 Big 12 Softball Championship on Saturday afternoon after taking down Texas by a score of 6-1.

It is Oklahoma’s first Big 12 Tournament title since 2021 and gives the Sooners the Big 12’s auto-bid for the 2023 NCAA Softball Tournament.

Despite today’s loss, Texas will still be selected for an at-large bid in the NCAA Tournament, which is set to begin next weekend.

Here are three thoughts on the game.



It’s no secret to say the Sooners are incredible, but what amazes me is how fast they can flip a switch, and leave every other team in the country behind.

While Oklahoma didn’t play badly by any stretch of the imagination, they have the ability to find hits at any given point in a game. The Sooners led the Longhorns 1-0 before Viviana Martinez sent a ball into the stratosphere to tie the game up at one apiece.

The Sooners then realized they should start trying, and rattled off three unanswered runs courtesy of Haley Lee, Alyssa Brito, and some excellent baserunning by pitcher Jordy Bahl. From that point on in the game, the Sooners’ defense kept the Longhorns at bay until the game was sealed for the best team in the country to earn another Big 12 title.



When one of them is off, the Sooners have two more all-american caliber arms to turn to. That’s why they are 51-1.

For the majority of teams in the country, there is usually one ace in the bullpen that a team relies on when they need a win. The Sooners have three aces. Sophomore Jordy Bahl, junior Nicole May, and senior Alex Storako have the ability to take over a game at any given moment, not to mention that Bahl is an excellent base runner.

While it is possible to beat the Sooners, it is just as close to impossible as it can be when any of these three are in the circle. Both Nicole May and Jordy Bahl pitched against Texas, with May giving up three hits in four innings and posting an ERA of .60. Bahl came on to finish the game and delivered a beauty giving the Sooners a 6-1 win.



After securing the Big 12 title and a 43rd consecutive victory, the Oklahoma Sooners will be the top overall seed in the NCAA Tournament when the Selection Show airs on Sunday evening, that much is certain. Who Oklahoma will host will be an interesting storyline to follow, but the most interesting part of Sunday’s show will be seeing where the remainder of the conference ends up.

Texas and Oklahoma State both have an outside chance of hosting Super Regionals and Baylor is in the mix for hosting a Regional next weekend. The most likely scenario is that Baylor is on the road from here on, and both Texas and Oklahoma State will hit the road after Regionals next weekend.

Either way, all four teams from this conference are capable of making it to Oklahoma City in just a few weeks, and the Sooners are the overwhelming favorite to take the whole thing home for a third-straight season. Make sure to tune in for the Selection Show on ESPN on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. CT.

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