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Virginia Tech AD Opens Up On ACC Revenue Distribution Fix

NCAA Football: William & Mary at Virginia

Conference realignment makes people say crazy things, and with it being such a prevalent topic in college athletics right now, there are lots of crazy things being said.

The Pac-12 vs. Big 12 war rages on as Brett Yormark tries to expand westward while George Kliavkoff tries to hold things together. The SEC and Big Ten are in a position to handpick pretty much whatever teams they want to add to their ever-growing memberships. The ACC looks like it might be sticking together despite half its schools vehemently looking for a way out.

There’s just a lot going on right now in the conference landscape. With that in mind, have you ever wondered what it might be like to be in charge of a school’s athletic department during these times? What would it be like to have to try and lead your school into new and uncharted territory while walking the proverbial line that keeps your university and its fans happy?


Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock pulled back the curtain a bit on that subject and gave a perfect synopsis of what ADs are dealing with right now.

“The tough thing about being an AD in times of conference realignment, real or perceived, is there’s nothing you can really say that’s the perfect answer,” Babcock told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “If you are undyingly loyal to your conference, which the ACC’s been great to us, then your fan base thinks (you’re ignoring reality). If you come out and say you want to keep your options open, you’re not exactly making friends in the room and with the commissioner.”

The ACC’s sticky situation is surrounding how their television dollars are spent when it comes to distribution among the conference’s members. Teams like Florida State and Clemson, who’ve been the money-makers in college football, feel they are entitled to more than, say, Boston College or Syracuse.

Now, it appears that things might be changing, as the conference’s decision-makers are looking to do away with equal revenue distribution and give more to those teams that are successful in the money-making sports: football and men’s basketball.

“Do we think that will close the gap that everyone incessantly talks about?” Babcock said. “Not all the way, but making strides toward that, keeping in contact financially with the Big Ten and SEC and hopefully become a clear-cut third (among the Power Five) and separate out from the (Pac-12 and Big 12).”

For now, it sounds like the ACC is going to try and find a way to keep its members happy and in place, but like everything else in the realignment era, how long that will last is anyone’s guess

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