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Heartland College Sports’ 2023 All-Big 12 Baseball Awards

West Virginia infielder JJ Wetherholt (27) throws the ball to first during the game against the Texas Longhorns at UFCU Disch-Falk Field on Saturday, May 20, 2023 in Austin.

It felt like college baseball just started not that long ago but as we all know, time flies by when you are having fun. With the regular season coming to an end on Saturday, we saw West Virginia, Texas, and Oklahoma State split the conference title.

With that in the rear-view mirror, all eyes are now on the Big 12 tournament down in Arlington. But before we get there, I wanted to take this opportunity to announce the Heartland College Sports All-Big 12 baseball team. Keep in mind that I made a few minor changes compared to the way the conference traditionally does it. I wanted to make sure that I got the best players that I thought deserved a spot on this list.


Individual Awards

Player of the Year: J.J. Wetherholt (West Virginia)

I don’t think there is any debate on who the best player is in the Big 12. J.J. led the conference in batting average (.447), ops (1.296), hits (92), slugging percentage (.786), and stolen bases (35). He was not only the best player in the Big 12 but he was the best player in the entire country in my opinion.

Pitcher of the Year: Lucas Gordon (Texas)

There were several pitchers considered for this award but in the end, I had to go with Lucas Gordon. He finished with the second-lowest ERA in the Big 12 (2.48) and pitched the second-most innings in the conference behind only Blaine Traxel. Lucas also finished in the top five in strikeouts (85) and opponents’ batting average (.210). If I could pick one pitcher to start a game for me in the Big 12, Lucas Gordon would be the guy.


Freshman of the Year: Kody Shojinaga (Kansas)

We saw plenty of talented freshmen in the Big 12 this season but Kody Shojinaga may have been the most consistent one out of all of them. Kody finished second in the entire conference in batting average (.380) and struck out just 23 times this season.

Newcomer of the Year: Nolan Schubart (Oklahoma State)

Just like some of these other awards, this was a tough one to pick because there were so many new faces that played well this season. However, Nolan Schubart was at the top of my list. He finished the regular season hitting .348 and was top five in home runs (15) and finished with the second most RBIs in the Big 12 with 66.

Coach of the Year: Randy Mazey (West Virginia)

I know that there was a three-way tie for the Big 12 title, and I respect David Pierce and Josh Holliday but what Randy Mazey did with this West Virginia team was incredible. The Mountaineers were picked to finish sixth in the preseason poll, and they ended up clinching a share of the Big 12 title which is their first one since joining the conference.


All-Big 12 Baseball First Team

C: Chase Adkison (Oklahoma State)

INF: J.J. Wetherholt (West Virginia)

INF: Gavin Kash (Texas Tech)

INF: Roc Riggio (Oklahoma State)

INF: Kevin Bazzell (Texas Tech)

INF: Brayden Taylor (TCU)

OF: Eric Kennedy (Texas)

OF: Nolen Hester (Texas Tech)

OF: Nolan Schubart (Oklahoma State)

DH: Nolan McLean (Oklahoma State)

UTL: Peyton Powell (Texas)

SP: Lucas Gordon (Texas)

SP: Lebarron Johnson Jr. (Texas)

SP: Braden Carmichael (Oklahoma)

SP: Blaine Traxel (West Virginia)

RP: Isaac Stebens (Oklahoma State)

RP: Thaniel Trumper (Kansas)

RP: Brandon Beckel (Texas Tech)

RP: Tyson Neighbors (Kansas State)

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