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Pac-12 Apologists Are Preparing for Colorado’s Big 12 Move With Lame Excuses

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Colorado

The writing is on the wall, and has been for weeks, that Colorado is the most likely team to make the jump from the Pac-12 to the Big 12.

And as that possibility inches closer towards reality, the Pac-12 apologists are ling up with a new talking point: Colorado is easily replaced by San Diego State, so who cares?


I kid you not.

Jon Wilner writes in his latest piece in the Mercury News that, “If the Buffaloes were to bolt for the Big 12, the Pac-12 could simply replace them with San Diego State and carry on.”

We’ve come a long way from “The Pac-12 is totally fine”, “No one is leaving”, “Big 12 people are liars”, to “Hey, no big deal. Hi San Diego State!”


It’s gaslighting to the degree you typically only see inside the Washington D.C. Beltway in our political environment.

It seems like an obvious sign that there is a real chance that the Buffaloes are going to be making the jump to the Big 12 sooner rather than later. As has been reported in recent days, Colorado has been the “most receptive” school for a Big 12 invite, while Deion Sanders‘ presence has played a “significant role” in Brett Yormark’s interest in the Buffaloes.

It’s all coming together quickly, as Yormark also confirmed that the Big 12 is actively seeking expansion and has a plan.

So now we wait, and in Pac-12 land, we wait for what the next spin is going to be on a situation that worsens by the day.

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