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HCS Poll: Big 12 Fans Overwhelming Want Colorado, Arizona in Big 12 Expansion

NCAA Football: Arizona at Colorado

At Heartland College Sports, we have long prided ourselves on being the largest voice for the Big 12 fan. As the owner of the site, who began this with a laptop and a vision nearly a decade ago, and with the help of a great group has built this outlet into reaching over 1,000,000 fans on a monthly basis, we feel confident in our standing as the preeminent independent outlet for the league.

So with that being said, we put a poll up on Twitter to gauge the interest of Big 12 fans as to who they were most interested in for Big 12 expansion.


The four options listed were Arizona/Colorado, Colorado/UConn, Arizona/Arizona State and Colorado/San Diego State.

While we could’ve added other combinations, these seemed like the most likely four that could end up happening.

We received 1,156 votes, which is more than your average political poll that gets plastered all over cable news, and the overwhelming selection for Big 12 fans, with 67% of the vote, was Arizona and Colorado. Arizona and Arizona State came in second with 22%, while Colorado and UConn, and Colorado and San Diego State, each received about 5.5%.


The order is not surprising, but the margin of victory for Colorado and Arizona is surprisingly. Clearly, the Big 12 fan is not as into the idea of adding a basketball-first school in UConn, despite the fact that the Huskies are reigning National Champions.

This is in line with some of the pushback Brett Yormark has reportedly been getting from some of the Big 12 decision makers regarding UConn. According to The Oklahoman, one Big 12 athletic director said, “I don’t see any movement for a non-Power Five. I do not think there’s enough support to get them across the finish line.”

However, with Arizona, the Big 12 gets a basketball powerhouse (albeit one that consistently collapses in March Madness), plus a football program that, frankly, should be in a much better place than it’s been, but at least is Power 5 competitive.

Also, from a fan perspective, where do you want to go for a weekend road trip: Tucson or Storrs? Let’s be honest.


Then, there’s the cultural fit, which obviously favors Arizona over UConn in a big way, per the Big 12 fan.

Needless to say, the decision makers in the Big 12 need to look at the big picture, bottom line, future growth and more, but for what it’s worth, the Big 12 fan is ready for Colorado and Arizona.

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