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Arizona State AD: ‘There’s Been No Interest in Other Conferences’

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Arizona

Despite conversations of conference realignment surrounding schools like Arizona and Arizona State, Ray Anderson, athletic director of Arizona State is strongly against the idea of leaving the Pac-12.

In a recent interview with the Phoenix Sun Devils Podcast, Anderson was asked his thoughts about conference realignment and if he would be in favor of leaving the Pac-12, and without missing a beat, the ASU AD shut that conversation down.


Anderson was asked if there would ever be a scenario that makes sense for Arizona State to explore other conferences, and while the decision to leave the Pac-12 is up to the Board of Regents and the universities president, Anderson made it clear that he has no desire to explore those conversations.

“We’re solidly in the Pac-12,” Anderson said. “And that’s where we really believe we belong, and where we want to be with a lot of like-minded schools, with very good competition, and really elite academics. That’s important to us. We don’t talk or think about other conferences, very frankly.”


Anderson mentioned the possibility of the Pac-12 and the ACC working together to schedule future games but on the topic of realignment, Anderson explained, “There’s been no interest in talking about any of the other conferences. I’ll say it emphatically, I have no interest, personally as the AD, I don’t make the call finally, that would be the President and the Board of Regents, but I as an AD am very committed to the Pac-12.”

While Anderson may be vocal in his support of the Pac-12, it takes a multitude of people to make decisions on conference realignment. As of right now, the Pac-12 remains stable, but with rumors surfacing every day of Colorado, and possibly Arizona, shopping around with the Big 12 Conference, stability will always be in question until a new TV deal is signed.

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