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Bob Huggins’ Daughter Lashes Out at West Virginia President

Bob Huggins

With West Virginia head basketball coach Bob Huggins resigning from his position on Saturday following an arrest in Pittsburg for driving under the influence of alcohol, Jacqueline Huggins, daughter of Bob Huggins, took to social media to send a vocal message to university president Gordon Gee.

Huggins addressed the situation by criticizing Gee and his board of directors for, “turning their backs” on her father, calling them, “classless cowards” and telling them to, “be better and do better” in the process.


Huggins got straight to the point of her issues with Gee and the board of directors saying, “Be better and do better. Throwing stones at glass houses is also not how to represent such a great University. Treating someone like they don’t matter after they have given you their whole heart and soul to your University? You could have helped, but you chose to turn your backs. Not only on him, on the guys, the staff, the boosters. Everyone. You’re the classless ones, the cowards, the backstabbers, and most of all hypocrites.”

She then cited different areas directly influenced by Huggins in his tenure in Morgantown bringing up the special things that her father was able to do for the city including upgrades to the practice facility and a local hospital.

One of the more interesting nuggets of Huggins’ post came in the second screenshot saying that Bob Huggins, “Told Gordon and his board that he would go to rehab for a 60-day stint to be able to stay for these guys. The guys who didn’t want to play for anyone else. That’s how much he cares. Refused. Not even considered. 100% no without a thought.”

Lastly, between some of the angrier moments of the message, Huggins addressed the beer cans found in the passenger seat and trunk of her father’s car saying, “The cans were in bags and not all beer cans. There’s a small group in Morgantown who knows my Dad collects cans to recycle. Always has, always will. That’s his thing.”


She then finished off her post by going to bat for her father’s character and dependability, and how Gee and his staff made a horrible decision. The post has since been deleted from Huggins’ Instagram, but with Bob Huggins being the talk of the college basketball world since his arrest, Jacqueline Huggins’ comments had no chance of staying under the radar.

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