Tim Brando Calls Big 12 Football the ‘Most Balanced League in America’

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Heartland College Sports’ Pete Mundo recently had an exclusive interview with FOX’s Tim Brando and discussed the upcoming season of Big 12 football, as well as some of the other hot topics surrounding the conference this summer.

Brando, who has been one of the most consistent broadcasting names in college football for decades now, really likes what he sees for the Big 12 in 2023, calling it the “most balanced league in America.”


When asked if he sees more parity coming in the Big 12 in 2023, or if a team or two will separate from the pack, Brando was quite confident in the former.

“I think it’s the most balanced league in America,” Brando said. “It was a year ago, I thought it was two years ago.”

Brando then went into what made last year different when it came to Big 12 football being so competitive

“The difference last year was we had this incredible Fort Worth with a team that really utilized the transfer portal to the nth degree to get good fast,” Brando said of TCU. “Everybody bought in and they started the year unbeaten and stayed unbeaten until they got knocked off in the Championship game.


“When you look back at what happened to TCU, losing to Kansas State, I thought that as big of an upset as that might seem in other leagues, it wasn’t an upset in the Big 12. Spencer [Tillman] and I had the first game [between TCU and Kansas State], which was a prime-time game earlier in the year. I want to say TCU was 7-0 at the time and Kansas State got out to an 18-point lead. Then, all of a sudden, here comes TCU with another patented comeback, and they won that game.

“When they played again, you always know in a championship game, in a rematch, the team that lost in the first game could be at an advantage. Yet, TCU got to the precipice of pulling it off because of the outstanding play of [Max Duggan]. They got to within a yard of bailing themselves out, but Kansas State winning was no fluke. They were really really good.”

The reigning Big 12 champions are likely to be near the top of the preseason Big 12 polls heading into 2023, but will have several new contenders in the league this time around.

The 2023 college football season should be a fun one, and the Big 12 Conference just might be center stage with storylines galore in it’s single season as a 14-team league.

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