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Pac-12 Administrators Predict ‘Creative and Forward-Thinking’ TV Deal

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While rumors continue to spiral surrounding the Pac-12 Conference’s upcoming media deal, many have speculated that the lack of news is a bad sign for the conference as the Pac-12 continues its TV struggles.

In a recent report from Jim Williams of the Stream On with Jim Williams podcast, news broke of Pac-12 administrators believing that the deal is nearly finished up with reports of a “creative and forward-thinking deal.”


While the Pac-12 is in the midst of ongoing negotiations for its media rights deal, rumors continue to surface daily about the inconsistencies in numbers. Multiple reports have mentioned companies like the CW network and Apple TV being interested in presenting Pac-12 football games, but while stories surrounding conference realignment continue to pop up, the outcome of the PAC-12 media deal should be an interesting topic.

With so many different reports breaking almost by the hour about the Pac-12 Conference, fans should have a break from media deal talk by the time the season starts up in September when they can finally get back to watching their favorite teams play. For now, we remain in media deal purgatory.

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