Nick Saban is Wrong to Complain About Alabama Over TCU in CFB Playoff

NCAA Football: Alabama at Mississippi State

We are a little over two months away from the start of the 2023 college football season. Yet it appears that some head coaches are still thinking about last season and still aren’t happy about the way things played out.

The person I am talking about here is Alabama head coach Nick Saban. The same Nick Saban that has won seven national championships and ten SEC titles. Since taking over at Alabama back in 2007, nobody has been better than Nick Saban. In fact, one could make an argument that he is the greatest college football coach ever. But at age 71, it seems like Nick Saban is a little grumpy especially when it comes to the College Football Playoff.


In an interview with FOX Sports’ Joel Klatt on The Joel Klatt Show podcast, Saban spoke out against the CFP system and how playoff teams are picked. “All we do is take the teams that win the most games at the end of the year and put them in the playoffs,” Saban said regarding if there’s a better way to decide the CFP. “But do you really get the best teams? When they told me that we would be favored against three out of the four teams that got in the playoff, I’m like, well why aren’t we in the playoff?”

Now before I dive into his horrific take, let’s take a look at the 2022 Alabama team. Last year, Alabama went 10-2 during the regular season, with their two losses coming on the road at Tennessee and LSU. In those two losses, The Crimson Tide lost by a combined four points so both of those games were extremely close and came right down to the end.

As a result of the regular season, Alabama did not make it to the SEC championship game. Instead, LSU went on to play in the conference title game where they faced Georgia. Instead of going to the College Football Playoff, Alabama was set to play Kansas State in the Sugar Bowl against Big 12 champion Kansas State in a game they ended up winning 45-20.

Now let’s get back to what Nick Saban said here. We need to put this whole idea of getting the four best teams in the playoff to bed. The four most deserving teams are the ones that get in. If we just used the four best teams criteria then that would mean the regular season would be almost meaningless.


If Nick Saban wants to go by which teams Vegas favors, then why even play the season? We will just pick the teams who are favored to win and move on so there is no need to play a single game. Now to his point, Alabama probably would have been favored over Michigan, Ohio State, and TCU. And Georgia may have been a toss-up. But it was Saban’s job to get his team to the playoff and he failed. It’s not anyone else’s fault that he lost games to Tennessee and LSU.  

It seems like lately all Nick Saban has been doing is complaining. He complained to everyone that would listen about Texas A&M’s recruiting class last year and then this year he complained about the new proposed 9-game SEC schedule. Nick Saban is 71 years old but instead of acting like an adult, he’s acting like a complete crybaby.

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