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Arizona Football Coach Jedd Fisch Comments on Big 12 Rumors

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With conversations of conference realignment swirling and the Pac-12 Conference still in search of a media rights deal, Arizona head football coach Jedd Fisch sat down for an interview with Adam Breneman to discuss what’s next for Arizona.

The Arizona coach spoke candidly about the lack of a media rights deal and addressed realignment rumors saying, “Arizona is going to have a place to go. That’s what I tell our recruits, that’s what I tell our donors, that’s what I tell our families.”


Fisch continued by saying, “We have a great brand. We have a great basketball program, a great softball program, great baseball program, and I believe we have the opportunity to have an incredible football program. We’re fine. Where we play our road games, we’ll wait and see for our president, but we are locked in and loaded for this season and we’re gonna try to just be where our feet are which is right now in the Pac-10.”

Arizona has been a topic of speculation among fans when discussing a potential move to the Big 12 Conference paired with a unique combination of Arizona State, Colorado, Gonzaga, UConn, SDSU, and many more. While the Pac-12 continues to fight there way through media rights deals, the possibility continues to grow that the conference won’t be able to land a deal by the time the football season starts up, and in the event that happens, it’s a safe bet to say Arizona will at least weight its other options.

Breneman finished up the interview by asking Fisch how involved the head football coach is when discussing topics of conference realignment and scheduling options to which Fisch responded, “Not much. I mean our president and our AD are phenomenal, I mean our president is as involved in any athletic program in the country. He knows exactly what’s happening as we know he was the one that put on the summit in Washington DC where one of the four panels was on realignment. It’s a huge part that we all recognize and understand but I would just say that in the end, they’re gonna make a decision that’s in the best interest of the athletic department at the University of Arizona.”

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