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Jordy Bahl Explains Decision to Leave Oklahoma for Nebraska

Just a few weeks ago, Jordy Bahl was at the center of an unstoppable, undeniable Oklahoma softball team that was well on its way to churning out a third consecutive national championship.

The Sooners’ superb sophomore was absolutely incredible during OU’s historic run, and was perfect from the time that they arrived in Oklahoma City for the Women’s College World Series.

One the biggest stage in softball Bahl was an unblemished 4-0 in the circle, tossing 24.2 scoreless innings with 33 Ks, and also scoring two massive runs as a pinch runner.


After securing a sweep over Florida State with another gem, Bahl found herself at the bottom of a crimson-clad dog pile, a moment that would be Jordy’s last time on the field with her Sooner teammates.

Just four days after winning a national title and being named the 2023 WCWS Most Outstanding Player, Bahl would announce her intentions to leave the Oklahoma program and go back home to Papillion, Nebraska.

So, why did she do it? How could arguably the best player on the best team in softball history pack it up and leave less than a week after the biggest triumph of her career?

As Dorothy Gale put it so eloquently back in 1939, “There’s no place like home.”

“I had never been away from home,” Bahl told The Athletic. “I was like, ‘Softball, softball, softball.’”


While softball was a large portion of her life, being at Oklahoma made Jordy realize just home important home was to her. Her appreciation for her teammates in Norman runs deep, and it always will, but there’s just something about getting back in touch with your roots.

“But I realized that I’d taken some things for granted,” Bahl said. “Being away has led me to appreciate home even more…

“My family is super important to me. So is my state. It’s home. And so it got to the point where I’m like, ‘Hey, why am I suffering in my happiness under the weight of softball when it’s not everything? Why am I doing that?’”

In her first season at Oklahoma, Bahl dealt with an injury to her throwing arm that kept her out during the majority of the postseason. However, as soon as she was cleared to give it a go by the training staff, Jordy fought her way back into the circle.


“That’s why people go to OU,” she said, “for the postseason. You want to win. It was like, ‘Everything I worked for in my entire softball life is right of me. I want to play.’”

In doing so, Bahl played a major role in Oklahoma winning their second-straight national title, tossing nine innings over three appearances in the 2022 WCWS. However, the joy of winning faded, and Bahl quickly started to think about home after the pressure of the season was off. Between her freshman and sophomore season, Bahl became more homesick, and less content with being in Norman.

“That’s when I started knowing that my heart was at home,” she said.

Now, after being back home for a little over two weeks, Bahl will become the biggest star that Nebraska softball has ever seen. For the 2023 season, Nebraska had 365 season ticket holders, and just 26 requests for the 2024 season prior to Bahl transferring. Now, Nebraska has well over 2,000 requests ahead of the 2024 season and counting. Call it, “The Jordy Bahl Effect.”

Bahl is the biggest softball ambassador that her home state has ever seen, but you wouldn’t know it by just looking at her. Now, with the support of her family, she can shoulder that burden and be closer to those that mean the most.

“I think she’ll be fine,” Jordy’s father, Dave Bahl, said. “She’s back home. She’s got her support group. She’s got the people she loves.”

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