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Does the Big 12 Regret Not Adding SMU?

It’s June 28th, 2023, and the Pac-12 still doesn’t have a media rights deal. After a year of empty promises made by conference commissioner George Kliavkoff, the “Conference of Champions” (try and say that out loud without laughing) is still stuck in no man’s land.

Over the past year, we have heard so many things about what the Pac-12 is going to do. Yet here we are and still nothing has changed. Deadlines have come and gone, and the clock continues to tick while the Pac-12 is still left without a deal on the table.

Despite no deal in place, the conference still has its mouthpieces spewing out garbage daily. You have guys like John Canzano and Jon Wilner tweeting and typing away about the latest updates on what’s going on out west. Of course, I can’t forget about head Pac-12 cheerleader Tony Altimore, but if you are reading this, you probably are already blocked by him on Twitter. What these three men have in common is that they are living in a fantasy world. A world where the Pac-12 is the best conference in America and where everything is business as usual. Eventually, reality will hit and when it does, we will all just sit back and watch the madness unfold while snacking on some popcorn and cracking open a cold beer.


But until then, we still have to deal with the few mouthpieces left in the Pac-12. While they have shared a fair amount of nonsense, several schools out west have said some pretty ridiculous things too, and made themselves look like fools in the process. Whether it’s administrators or school presidents, there hasn’t been much said that has made sense.

As the months have passed, I have noticed a trend among the folks out west. They get fixated on certain numbers (most being completely false) or on a certain narrative that they cling to. Countless dates have been set for a media deal and as we all know, those have all been lies. At one point, even the commissioner said that “We have not yet decided if we’re going shopping there yet or not” when talking about the Big 12 Conference.

San Diego State still seems to be a hot topic when it comes to the Pac-12 and if the Pac-12 wanted them, they should have done it already instead of sitting on their hands waiting for someone to do something. I feel like San Diego State has been an off-and-on discussion amongst Pac-12 folks and their relationship with their current conference is like the old Facebook relationship status where it says, “It’s complicated.”


But I have noticed a shift this week with the media out west. For whatever reason, people think that adding SMU would bring significant value to the Pac-12. Now I get why the Pac-12 would want people to believe that, which is why people like Jon Wilner and John Canzano are asking if the Big 12 regrets not extending an invite to SMU. I can answer that question for everyone: No. The Big 12, in no way, regrets not inviting SMU to the party.

Do you know why? Because nobody cares about SMU if we are being honest. The city of Dallas doesn’t care because they aren’t even the fifth-best sports attraction in town. SMU wasn’t even in the top six last season when it came to attendance in the American Athletic Conference. As far as on-field success goes, they haven’t done anything relevant since their program got the death penalty back in the late 1980s.

In fact, SMU has won three bowl games in the last 38 years, and they haven’t won a conference championship in almost 40 years. And if you want to bring up academics, then tell me how much value that brings when it comes to money and when it comes to making a media deal.


You see, the Pac-12 media is pushing the narrative that SMU is a good program when in reality, it’s not and it hasn’t been in four decades. If they believe that they are going to get the SMU from the early 1980s, then they have another thing coming. The Big 12 is more than happy with the schools they have.

BYU is a national brand; Cincinnati has been to the college football playoff and has won at least nine games in five straight seasons. Then you have Houston, which has had its fair share of ups and downs, and UCF which has been one of the most stable Group of Five programs over the last six years.

And yes, all four new Big 12 schools care more about football than SMU. Instead of worrying about if the Big 12 regrets not adding SMU, worry about the Pac-12 making a deal. It’s been almost a year and the clock is still ticking but maybe not for much longer.

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