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Watch: UCF’s Sleeping Giant Hype Video For Joining the Big 12 Conference

Today marks a day that the Big 12 got better with the addition of the four new members in UCF, BYU, Houston, and Cincinnati. With the change from previous conferences to the Big 12 Conference, each team released an official hype video in collaboration with the Big 12.

UCF’s official video went live as the clock struck midnight solidifying the partnership between the Knights and the Big 12. UCF shared a combination of program history, legends, greats, and some all-time historical moments from previous seasons in hopes of many more in the future.


UCF is officially on “Big 12 o’clock” and becomes one of the youngest Power Five teams in the country. While the move to the Big 12 brings forth money, advertising, competition, and the best league commissioner in the country, the Knights are able to celebrate alongside new and veteran schools in the Big 12 as the pairing signifies the most stability in conference history.

While the hard work on conference realignment is done for UCF, Houston, BYU, and Cincinnati, the hard work on the football field is heavily underway. The Knights take the field for the first time as a member of the Big 12 Conference on August 31st against Kent State, and while the program should have its own trials and tribulations for the football season, today is a day to celebrate the partnership of a storied program like UCF and one of the strongest collegiate conferences in the nation.

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