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Bob Huggins Demands Reinstatement as West Virginia Basketball Coach

Bob Huggins

In as bizarre a twist as you will find in this story, former West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins claims he never resigned and is demanding reinstatement as head coach of the Mountaineers.

In a story first reported by MetroNews, a letter was sent from Huggins’ attorneys to West Virginia University on July 7, in which Huggins requested to return to his position. The letter states that Huggins does not seek litigation and is “simply looking for the correction of a clear breach of his employment agreement with WVU”.


The letter from Huggins’ attorney adds: “Based on press statements, it appears that WVU is taking the position that Coach Huggins voluntarily resigned and terminated the Employment Agreement in advance of April 30, 2024. However, although the press statements purport to have resignation communications directly from Coach Huggins to you and/or the Athletic Director, Coach Huggins has never communicated his resignation to you, the Athletic Director, or anyone at WVU. To the contrary, we understand that the purported “resignation” is incredibly based on a text message from Coach Huggins’ wife.”

However, on the other side, the University says Huggins did resign and claims that Huggins’ contentions are “factually inaccurate”.

In the response letter, WVU goes on to write, “What is clear, however, is that on the evening of June 17, 2023, Mr. Huggins met with members of the men’s basketball staff and student-athletes to announce that he would no longer be coaching the team. The same evening at 9:38 p.m., following a series of written and verbal communications with Mr. Gianola, who was acting as his counsel, Mr. Huggins clearly communicated his resignation and retirement to the University in writing via email (not text message as asserted in your letter).”


Huggins’ departure from WVU stems from his DUI arrest in Pittsburgh last month in which his Blood Alcohol Level was three times the legal limit. This came weeks after Huggins had to issue an apology for a homophobic slur he used on a Cincinnati radio show.

WVU promoted Josh Eilert to head coach following Huggins’ departure. Eilert came to West Virginia in the 2007 season alongside Bob Huggins when the pair left Kansas State for Morgantown. He was a walk-on as a basketball player in 2002 at Kansas State, and after finishing out his basketball career, Huggins brought him on board in 2006.

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