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Colin Cowherd on Oklahoma Football: ‘We’ve Got a Coaching Issue’

NCAA Football: Oklahoma Spring Game

Oklahoma head coach Brent Venables has been an easy target for criticism this offseason with many questioning the former defensive coordinator’s ability to lead the Sooners.

The recent name to add to the list of Venables doubters comes in the shape of FOX Sports‘ Colin Cowherd, who spoke about the differences between Lincoln Riley and Brent Venables, using the Big 12 Media Preseason Poll as the determining factor behind Oklahoma’s, “coaching issue.”


Cowherd explained, “Lincoln Riley was number one preseason poll, five out of five years. Turns around a mess of a program in one year. Brent Venables takes over, humming. Now, a deep third. They’ve still recruited well, Oklahoma always does. Hell of a lot better than Texas Tech. What the Big 12 media is saying is, ‘We’ve got a coaching issue’.”

Before leaving Oklahoma to accept the head coaching job at USC, Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley had the Sooners as a CFB Playoff contender year-in, year-out. For five straight seasons under Riley, the Sooners were picked to finish first in the Big 12 Conference by members of the media, but after suffering their first losing season since 1998, the team was picked to finish third in the Big 12 entering Venables’ second season.

Cowherd closed his statements by saying, “I know you think I’m anti-Oklahoma. That schedule is so bad that Brent Venables is gonna stumble into 11 wins. It’s a terrible schedule. And then they’re gonna feel like ‘Hey, we got our guy.’ And they think they’re gonna pivot right into the SEC.”

The Sooners kick their season off on September 2nd against Arkansas State where Brent Venables will have a chance to prove skeptics wrong across the country each week.

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