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Paul Finebaum: ‘I Would Not Want to be Part of the Pac-12 Anymore’

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While it’s safe to say that the Pac-12 Conference has been the subject of criticism this year with the group still struggling to land its media rights deal of the future, ESPN’s Paul Finebaum joined the conversation to detail his thoughts on the future of the conference.

Finebaum joined the Sports Media Podcast to discuss his thoughts on the Pac-12 saying, “I would want out. I would not want to be part of the Pac-12 anymore because I think the future is bleak.”


To Finebaum’s credit, the Pac-12’s attempt at landing a media rights deal has been one big circus this offseason. While it seems like there is a new update every single day on the status of the conference, the most recent newsbreak is that the Pac-12 moved its media right deal presentation back three weeks further than originally planned.

This news comes from a report from Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger, who mentioned that outside of the accelerated progress on its TV deal, a general framework was reportedly revealed at a recent Pac-12 board meeting, with intentions of releasing more information by football media day on July 21st, weeks later than originally discussed.

The Pac-12 is in the middle of the fight of its life at the moment and with more and more members of the media adding in critiques of the conference’s operations on a daily basis, all signs point to a rocky road ahead for members of the Pac-12.

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