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On3 Predicts Quinn Ewers as Top 5 College Quarterback in 2023

NCAA Football: Texas at Kansas

The quarterback position is one of the most important in sports for a reason, and while it’s never easy to rank top quarterbacks, On3’s JD Pickell ranked the top five quarterbacks in college football based on his end-of-season projection, including Texas QB Quinn Ewers on the list.

Pickell specified that his list was not to be taken as an official power rankings list but as his thoughts on where each quarterback will be at the end of the 2023 college football season. He selected his top five and placed Quinn Ewers in the No. 3 spot on his list behind North Carolina’s Drake Maye and USC’s Caleb Williams.


Pickell started his comments by saying, “There has been no one that has been as critical of Ewers’ inconsistencies as yours truly. But the degrees of separation from Ewers being a top-five quarterback in college football and not being a top-five quarterback in college football. I don’t think the separation is that far.”

He mentioned that the likelihood of Ewers finishing the season off as a top-five quarterback in the league isn’t much of a stretch considering the highs Ewers experienced at times last season.

“We saw Quinn Ewers play at a top-five level at times, did we not? The game against Alabama, in that first half, and at that moment, the entire country was saying, ‘Oh my gosh, Quinn Ewers and Texas are about to beat Alabama,’ then he gets hurt and the game gets totally flipped on its side. For that moment, Quinn Ewers lived up to the billing that he had as a recruit.”

While Longhorn faithful have all been quick to point out that this could be Texas’ year to take home their first Big 12 title since 2009, the potential of head coach Steve Sarkisian’s squad hoisting the trophy is all on the shoulders of his young quarterback.

Ewers and the Texas Longhorns get their shot at running the table starting on September 2nd when Steve Sarkisian’s group takes the field for the first time against Rice in Austin.

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