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Brent Venables Responds to Mike Gundy Wanting to End Bedlam

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy had some loud critiques of the Oklahoma Sooners at Big 12 Media Days which prompted Sooners head coach Brent Venables to respond.

Gundy mentioned that Oklahoma choose to leave the Big 12, putting an end to the Bedlam game which is a tradition that spans over 100 years of college sports. Venables responded by mentioning his love for tradition, saying that he would love to bring back the series in a non-conference game.


Venables was asked on the SiriusXM college football radio show to discuss his thoughts on the rivalry which prompted the Sooners coach to say, “I’m not in control of whether or not we play Oklahoma State. I love college football. I love the traditions of the game. I love rivalry games. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have played for over 100 years and Oklahoma has been dang good in those games for a long time. But whether or not we’re playing in the future, nobody’s asking me what I think. If they do ask me, I’ll tell them what I think. I’d love to play the game. But, we’re going to play the schedule that they put in front of us.”

Mike Gundy took the podium for Day One of Big 12 Media Days and was asked if he would entertain playing Oklahoma State in a non-conference matchup where Gundy immediately rejected the idea.

While most college football fans would love to see the series continue in the foreseeable future, one issue for both squads comes down to scheduling. The Cowboys’ non-conference opponents are booked through the 2037 season and with a move to SEC pending for the Sooners, one of the greatest rivalries in college football is coming to an end.

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