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Hunter Dickinson Thinks People in Kansas are Nicer than in Michigan

Kansas center Hunter Dickinson made headlines this offseason when he committed to join the Jayhawks in the transfer portal after leaving Michigan.

Dickinson sat down for an interview last week on the Rock Chalk Unplugged podcast with Kansas basketball alumni Mitch Lightfoot and Chris Teahan to discuss the process of joining the Jayhawks and mentioned the difference between Kansas and Michigan.


Dickinson was vocal about his appreciation for his new town saying, “I’d say it’s pretty similar to Ann Arbor, in a sense. Ann Arbor is probably a little bit bigger population-wise. In terms of the city like the downtown kind of reminded me of like not a normal city, but gave me that feel. Obviously being from DC, it’s not the same. It’s a little bit more laid back. But I do like Lawrence. I mean it’s Lawrence, Kansas. It’s not Washington DC, but I kind of like it here. I like the slow pace, and kind of laid-back feel.”

Hunter Dickinson mentioned that he feels the difference in people is something compelling about Lawrence saying, “Going down Mass Street, it feels like this town has its own kind of culture and stuff like that. I’m super excited when students come back and the towns get bustling and stuff like that. But just walking around, the people are super, super welcoming. Super nice. Definitely get those Midwest vibes. I feel like at Michigan, they weren’t as nice. They were nice people but not as nice. I feel like Michigan is like a fake Midwest. Kansas is actually like a Midwest town. I loved my time in Michigan, but the people here at Kansas are especially nice.”

Hunter Dickinson is one of the highest profile transfers in college basketball history as he joins the Jayhawks after averaging 18.5 points and nine rebounds last season at Michigan. He now teams up with one of the best coaches in college basketball history in Bill Self creating one of the best player coach duos in all of college basketball.

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