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SEC Commissioner on Expansion: ‘It’s Not Been a Topic’

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days

While the topic of conference expansion has dominated most headlines for media outlets this offseason, Greg Sankey and the SEC seem to be one area avoiding the conversation.

With the Big 12, Pac-12, AAC, and many more conferences exploring expansion conversations on a somewhat daily basis, Sankey stated his opinion on conference expansion saying, “It’s not been a topic for the Southeastern Conference.”


Sankey’s full comments are courtesy of Action Network’s Brett McMurphy who reported Sankey mentioning, “We are a super conference. I’m focused on growth to 16. It’s not been a topic for the Southeastern Conference. Do I think it’s done? People say I get to decide that. We know who we are. We’re comfortable who we are.”

With the Big 12 Conference officially opening its gates to the four new teams back on July 1st, expansion seems to be on the front of everyone’s mind. The Pac-12 Conference continues to find itself in an interesting predicament as they are still without an official media rights deal leading many to believe that teams may begin the resignation process from the conference.

Sankey and the SEC welcome in Texas and Oklahoma in 2024 bringing the league’s total number of teams up to 16. The two long-time members of the Big 12 are entering their last season in the conference before heading to the SEC in July of ’24. While Greg Sankey was pretty quick to shut down conversations of future expansion, the landscape of college football is one that continues to change at an alarming rate proving that even when it hasn’t been a conversation, things can change fast through realignment.

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