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Texas AD Chris Del Conte Vows to ‘Try and Play Every Team in Texas’

Syndication: Austin American-Statesman

The 2023 season will represent the final year that Texas will be a member of the Big 12, with the Longhorns set to make the jump to the SEC in 2024.

As they exit, the Longhorns’ long-standing series with several teams in the Lone Star State (Baylor, TCU, and Texas Tech) will come to an end, at least for the near future. Despite that, they will pick up a series against Texas A&M, which hasn’t been around since 2011.

While Longhorn fans are certainly excited about that, losing the other in-state series will be weird, especially the series with Texas Tech, which has been played consecutively since 1960.


However, Texas Athletic Director Chris Del Conte isn’t ruling out the possibility of playing those teams in the near future, as well as every other team in the state of Texas.

According to Joseph Duarte of the Houston Chronicle, Del Conte is open to scheduling teams from Texas in the non-conference.

“We’ll play them all,” Del Conte said. “As long as they fit in our schedule and we have an opening, we will try and play every Texas school.”

In its final season in the Big 12, Texas is set to play five teams in the state, including Rice, Houston, Texas Tech, Baylor, and TCU. In comparison, Texas will play just two teams from Texas in its first season in the SEC with UTSA and Texas A&M.

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