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Lane Kiffin: SEC is a ‘Super Conference’ With OU, Texas Coming in 2024

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The idea of super conferences has been floating around for as long as conference realignment has existed, being discussed in dark corners and back rooms by those most heavily interested in the latest conspiracy theories.

However, in recent years, the idea has become mainstream, and some would say its likely the future of college football. But, is it already here? Are the first super conferences already being built?

Ole Miss Head Coach Lane Kiffin thinks so.


On Thursday, at SEC Media Days in Nashville (TN), Kiffin discussed his thoughts on Oklahoma and Texas joining the SEC in 2024, which many coaches have done this week. Kiffin, always outspoken and not exactly shy in front of the mic, shared his thoughts on why adding OU and Texas makes the SEC a “Super Conference.”

“Texas, Oklahoma coming in is amazing,” Kiffin said. “I already look at our schedule, or when they put out our one for 2024, and I actually joked to Steve Sarkisian yesterday about the scheduling, and I was like, ‘Well, I don’t know why any coach would want to go to the NFL. Like, we’re in it now.’ So I mean, our schedule is like playing in the NFL in the SEC now, especially adding those two. So hats off to the commissioner for getting that done, and making the super conference of all time.

“And really the way it’s set up, it’s really like it’s kind of like everybody else, and then that, when you put together the competitiveness of the schedule compared to any other conference.”


One could argue that another conference will reach that same status in 2024, with the Big Ten adding USC and UCLA to its membership. Kiffin, a former assistant (2001-06) and head coach (2010-13) at USC, spent time with Steve Sarkisian while with the Trojans and talked about his relationship with the Longhorns’ head coach ahead of their move to the SEC.

“I’ve had a great relationship with Sark,” added Kiffin. “I’ve kind of said before, we kind of both grew up fast, being the USC experience and being a part of Coach [Pete] Carroll’s staff, and all the great players there. You know I think 34 straight wins, and if we tackle Vince Young, you know three straight national championships. So that was really cool to go through that with him, and then we’ve just always stayed close.

“I think he’s doing awesome there. You know, the way he’s flipped the roster and recruiting at such a high level, and signing Arch [Manning], I think the future is extremely bright for Texas football.”

The Longhorns and Sooners are set for their final season in the Big 12 in 2023, and were picked to finish first and third on their way out.

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