Major Sporting Events in America you need to watch this year

There are many reasons for tourists to visit the nation of the United States of America for various reasons, with one of these including the numerous high-profile sporting events that are on display throughout the calendar year, with these such events so often drawing in an unprecedented amount of spectators with each passing contest. 

There are very few nations that can cater to the amount of hype and overall prestige that is annually generated for various sporting events to the level that the US continues to attract, some of which continue to be broadcasted to a wide sum of audience members from across the globe. 

For any fans looking to stage a potential trip out the US for a major sporting endeavor, these are some of the top events that are simply unmissable for all sports fans due to their unique experience and history surrounding the action that is so often on display. 

  • NBA Finals: 

The annual NBA Finals is a potential seven game matchup that differentiates on the home venue depending on which team bolsters the best record or higher seed in their respected conference, with the first team to win four separate games being labelled as the NBA World Champions at the event’s conclusion. 

For any fans questioning as to which NBA Finals betting odds provide the best available for any punters needs, there are many options, but you need to do your research to ensure you choose wisely. 

While it can be difficult to predict which teams are expected to host the next available game and many fans will be quick to state the often lengthy period of play across such a series, there is still plenty to take in and enjoy that features the action both on and off the court of the greatest names that are present in the illustrious sport of basketball today. 

  • Superbowl LVIII: 

While this list is technically centered around sporting events that are still set to take place throughout this calendar year, there is still no denying the sheer amount of hype that the yearly Superbowl game generates in drawing such a mass sum of football fans to sell-out some of the world’s most elaborate stadiums. 

Superbowl LVII was a tremendous event that saw the Kansas City Chiefs narrowly defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in an absolute thriller, in front of a raucous crowd featuring fans from across the world and various celebrities who regularly attend the annual game. 

If watching the action on the field is not really of any interest to you, then the Superbowl halftime show will most assuredly make up an abundance of the entertainment as it can often include several noteworthy acts from popular artists which will have the entire stadium sent into jubilation. 

The next Superbowl game will be scheduled to take place on the 11th of February 2024 at the newly built Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is sure to be an unmissable event that is certainly worth the price at admission for fans of both football and all sports in general as this so often considered to be an experience that is truly worth witnessing on any bucket-list of events. 

  • World Series: 

Much like the NBA Finals, the MLB World Series will take place across a potential seven game series with the first team to reach four wins being declared the official world champions. 

There is an incredible amount of history that surrounds the sport of baseball and the MLB postseason as a whole with this event truly standing the test of time and continuing to draw in numbers from fans all across the world to any established ballpark. 

The actual confirmed dates for the 2023 World Series have yet to be confirmed as the MLB regular season has only just begun, however it expected that should the World Series go to a highly anticipated seventh game then this will likely take place on the 4th of November later this year making this one of the sporting calendar’s most prestigious events. 

  • Boxing at the MGM Grand: 

Las Vegas is one of the greatest landmarks offered to any tourists when it come to nightlife and sheer entertainment with sports now being a widely contributing part of the many Vegas endeavors.  

The most renowned way to enjoy sports in Vegas would likely be to attend a high-profile boxing or MMA event at the fabled MGM Grand arena located at the heart of the famous Vegas strip. 

Some of the all-time greatest combat sports moments have often been lodged into the history books at the MGM Grand as this arena is now considered to be one of the most esteemed in the entire world making it vital for any boxing fan to experience a bout at this fine establishment at least once in their lifetime. 

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