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Big 12 Schools Welcome Colorado Back to the Conference

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Colorado

Thursday marked a historic day for the Big 12 Conference, as the Colorado Buffaloes officially announced they would rejoin the conference after years’ worth of strategic blunders on the Pac-12’s behalf.

Colorado will enter the new-look Big 12 in 2024 and will become the 13th member of the conference in doing so. However, things look much different than they did when the Buffaloes left in 2011. Only six schools from the Big 12’s membership in 2010 will remain when Colorado comes back.

However, the excitement from Colorado’s old Big 12 buddies hasn’t waned, as they expressed their enthusiasm on social media Thursday.


Oklahoma State:

Iowa State:


Kansas State:


Texas Tech:

Even the newcomers made sure to give the Buffs a proper welcome into the league.

BYU is particularly excited about the addition, giving them a nearby conference opponent in the nation’s largest conference footprint.


UCF: (This one was my personal favorite)


It’s safe to say that the Big 12 is very excited about its new (old) member, and quite frankly, we are too. There’s certainly going to be some deliberation in the HCS office about who gets to make the inaugural trip to Boulder for a home game, and I’ll have my hat in the ring, without a doubt.

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